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Good morning!

So on Friday, a milestone: I bought my first new car. I felt just like that girl in the old Saturn commercial, where the salespeople surrounded her and applauded (although that didn’t happen for me, but whatever). All my life I have driven hand me down cars, and then used cars, which has been just fine. But I decided, finally, that I was going to just go for it, and so I did, trading in my beat up 1997 Accord (with the Truth Squad bumpersticker) for a brand new 2004 model. If you’ve read This Lullaby, you know how much I hate the whole car selling experience (the cheesy manipulativeness of Don’s dealership was based on my experience buying my LAST car) but this time, it wasn’t so bad. Although it took ALL day. By the time I actually drove off, I exhausted. But it was worth it.

My car is really, really pretty. And it smells good. I’ve pretty much spent the entire weekend either a) sitting inside of it, taking deep lungfuls of that new car smell and b) obsessing when I am actually driving it about someone hitting it, or dinging it. I know it WILL happen, eventually, but I just hope it’s a while off. Between this and the mortgage, though, I’m feeling very adult-y these days. Although I did get carded this weekend (at 34! the joys of living in a college town) so I guess it all shakes out in the end.

In other news, I got a call last night from my friend Courtney, whose mom Janet was visiting and had just read the dedication to my new book and actually understood what it meant. The book is dedicated to my cousins, and mentions all these little family details no one else would really get, as well as a reference to an old song we all sing when we get together to play music in the summer, You Can’t Get to Heaven. If you’re not acquainted with this song, it’s got about a million known verses. A sample:

Oh you can’t get to heaven
In a garbage can
Cause the Lord ain’t got
No garbage men

And then you repeat it, and then sing a chorus of “I ain’t gonna grieve my Lord no more” and move onto the next verse. Like:

Oh you can’t get to heaven
In my old car
Cause my old car
Can’t go that far

In my family, we have tons of verses for this song, some of them traditional, others we’ve made up. Courtney’s mom remembered one about roller skates, (cause you’ll roll right by/those pearly gates) and I’ve been trying to think of others. One I really like, a day after father’s day, for my dad, the Elizabethean Scholar:

Oh you can’t get to heaven
With Alan Dessen
Cause the Lord don’t want
No Shakespeare Lesson

And finally, my favorite of all, usually the last one we sing:

If you get to heaven
Before I do
Just dig a little hole
And pull me through

Which is just sweet. Don’t you think? Okay, and maybe a little morbid. But most good songs are a mix of both, I guess.

Have a good day everyone…..