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So the other day I was making fun of my local car wash for playing Christmas carols during June, and then what happens? I start doing it too.

As I was on ITunes the other day, perusing (i.e. wasting time) I stumbled across someone IMix list (where you can post a playlist) that included “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses, this somewhat known, but mostly obscure 80’s group (their big hit was “I Know What Boys Like”). I have been looking for this song FOREVER, you only hear it during Christmas on the radio, but back during the holidays I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I found myself in a predicament: buy song now, in June, or hope that I remember to go back and buy it in December. Well, I suppose you can guess what I did.

Which is how I found myself running on the treadmill to a Christmas song this morning. What can I say, it’s boppy and uptempo and, well, I like it. Maybe I’m just nostalgic for days when it wasn’t 90 degrees. Entirely possible.

Meanwhile, I feel compelled to comment on the whole Mary-Kate Olsen going into the hospital for an eating disorder story which broke yesterday (if you haven’t heard about this, you can read about it here.) First off, I feel bad for her, because eating disorders are no joke: I’ve had friends and more recently, students who have struggled, or continue to struggle, with them, and it’s a real uphill battle. But I think that some good may come out of this, if that’s possible, in that Mary Kate and Ashley have such a legion of fans, and such influence on said fans, and maybe it will increase awareness and acceptance, not to mention perhaps make people rethink that Hollywood credo that skinnier is always better. It isn’t. And even if you have billions of dollars and what seems like a perfect life, looks can be deceiving. Anyway, I wish her the best.

Finally, just a thank you to everyone who has written in such nice comments about my book on Amazon and Barnes and I really appreciate it! Although for the person who said Truth About Forever is just like Dawson’s Creek…I can’t see it, myself. But maybe that’s just me.

have a good day everyone!

oh, and p.s., to the fellow Lance Armstrong fan from yesterday who mentioned Bob Roll…my husband LOVES him. He met him at a book signing her a month or two back and was totally starstruck. Apparently, Bob is just as cool in real life….