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Huh. Well, maybe this explains why I’m getting so much spam on AOL these days. Ah, technology!

Speaking of which, I have a navigation system in my new car and it is just wild. First, you can talk to it: say “Find nearest ATM” and it will, or gas station or whatever. My favorite thing is to ask my car what time it is, and then watch people freak out when it tells me. (I mean, I could just look at the clock on the dash, but why bother, right?) Anyway, back to the nav thing. I’ve been testing it out driving it around town, you know, out at the post office or wherever, and I plug in my home address to see how it gets me back here. Every time, it’s the most out of the way route you could possibly imagine. Which makes me sort of nervous for when I don’t know where I’m going: how many miles will I be driving out of my way, following its circuitous advice? I guess I’ll find out. Or not.

Still, I have to say there’s something soothing about having someone (or something, I guess in this case) just telling you what to do, step by step, in this very calm voice. “Take next left,” “In a quarter mile, turn right,” “Your destination is ahead,” etc. It makes me wish I had a navigation system for my life. You know, something that would always tell you the right thing to do, the right decision to make. “Don’t buy those pants,” “Sure, have dessert,” or “Stop worrying about your book, it’s selling just fine,” or whatever you need to hear at that moment. That would be awfully nice. And no matter what your goals were, what you were trying to do, and hard as you try to do it, you’d eventually hear that same voice say, “Your destination is ahead,” and wouldn’t that be nice?

I think it would.

have a good day everyone!