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Well, it’s a world of positives and negatives, right? Positive: Keeping the Moon gets a nice writeup in the Detroit Free Press as a recommended teen book for summer. Negative:

In “Keeping the Moon,” by Sarah Dresden (Speak, $7.99), the traveler is 15-year-old Nicole Sparks, called Colie.
She’s not a traveler by choice.
Her mother, a megastar on the weight loss circuit, is spending the summer in Europe, so she sends Colie to her Aunt Mira, in small-town North Carolina.
The dreaded summer turns out to be a fantastic one, thanks to Colie’s developing friendships and a better appreciation of herself.


This is the story of my life, I swear to you. People ALWAYS spell my name wrong. The very first time I ever published anything, a short story in a UNC student magazine called The Phoenix, they spelled my name wrong. It was the one thing I was obsessed about when That Summer came out, that my name at least be right on the cover of my book (it was). Usually, I am forever Sarah Desden, or Sarah Dressen, or Sarah Dresser. I know it’s an unusual name, I understand, but it’s in big letters on the cover of Keeping the Moon, could you just double check or something? No? Well, okay. I’m happy for the plug, at any rate. It is nice. Ms. Dresden is pleased.

(This is almost as bad as earlier this year, when I was mentioned in an article about my friend Daniel Wallace in New York Magazine—a big deal!—although you wouldn’t know it was me, as they called me Susan Dessen. But that’s an entirely different issue. I think.)

Anyway, like I said, I’m not complaining. (Okay, well not much.) I’m just really happy the books are getting writeups in these summer reading articles, it’s fantastic. I’ve been hearing from some readers that they’ve picked up the new paperbacks just because the new covers are so eyecatching (yes!) so that’s good news as well. I really, really want the books to do well this summer. So much so that I often find myself sitting here, chewing my fingernails, wondering what MORE I could do. Other than hope. And wish. And pray. And do things to increase my good karma, like moving turtles out of traffic and letting other people cut in front of me in line at the grocery store if they have less items than me. I’m working on it, at any rate.

Finally, because yesterday’s entry was all about my navigation system, an update. First, I’ve given it a name: Lola. (It’s a woman’s voice, very soothing. She just sounds like a Lola to me. I figure her backstory is that once, she was a showgirl, but now she lives in my car and helps me find my way around. Or something like that.) So yesterday I went to Greensboro to visit my friends Bianca and Marianne, and I used Lola to try to get to the local Barnes and Noble to sign books. Lola directed me on a route that took twenty-five minutes getting there from Bianca’s, involving getting back on the highway and some weird turns. On the way back, it took five minutes, and two turns. Which was sort of perplexing. Clearly, Lola is finicky. Or maybe even a navigational system can’t help my famous ability to get lost anywhere, even my own backyard. Either is possible, I think. But still, I’m glad to have her. Now if I could just teach her my name—Dessen, not Dresden—everything would be great. Right?

have a good day everyone!