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So, a jam-packed weekend, full of exciting events. Such as: Britney’s engaged. Second time’s the charm, right? Although I think the first was an annullment and therefore doesn’t count. Personally, I say, love is grand. More power to her. Maybe once she’s married, they’ll stop calling her a “pop tart,” which I know I’m sick of, so I can’t imagine how much she hates. Didn’t it seem like just yesterday that she was in her Catholic schoolgirl uniform, dancing in that hallway? Our girl sure did grow up fast.


In other news, my summer reading continues. This weekend, I finished The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which is a book I’ve been meaning to read forever. I thought it was very enjoyable, and can totally see why it’s so popular. Is the sequel worth reading? Just wondering. I also think I’m going to read one of the Gossip Girl books, as part of my continuing YA education. The truth is, I kind of fell into YA, and I’m not as well read in it as a genre as I should be. So I’m trying to remedy that. While still leaving time to read other stuff as well, of course. I saw that Louise Rennison, who writes the Georgia Nicholson books (Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, right?) is coming to a B&N here on Thursday, so I may try to read one of hers as well. Suggestions? I guess I should just read the first one, you know, a very good place to start and all that.

Finally, the nature report: the wildlife around here is full present and accounted for these days. First, as I was sitting in this very chair the other day, I saw a mother deer and two tiny babies walking across my yard. It was Bambi, I swear (times two), but the good part, before all the bad stuff happened. I’ve seen them twice since and they are so cute I don’t even care if they eat all my zinnias (okay, I care, but not as much as I might otherwise). Just adorable. Also, there’s a frog living in the woodpile on my porch. Every night, when it gets dark, he comes out to sit on the doormat and eat bugs attracted by our porch light. He just sits there, for hours, all night long. I’ve decided to call him Leon. We also have spotted snakes, bats (ew!), rabbits and Very Big Bugs. Ah, summer! Gotta love it. You can’t beat living in the country, people. You just can’t.

Now, I’m off to run errands and start planning my Fourth of July festivities. Devilled eggs, anyone?

have a good day everybody…