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When it comes to books, you guys always come through for me. Thanks for that.

So on your advice, yesterday I went and purchased Gossip Girl (the first one) and the first Georgia Nicholson book (Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging). And it was perfect timing, because now, tomorrow, I’m going on a show on our local NPR station to discuss writing for Young Adults, so I’ll be that much more informed. (If I can read them both by then. Which may not be possible, but whatever.) At any rate, I’ll post the link to the station’s website tomorrow morning. It’s a live show, on at noon, so if you’re sitting around with nothing else to do you can listen. Hopefully I won’t sound like a moron. Fingers crossed!

(The last time I did a live show on WUNC was for How to Deal, last summer, and the first question was some guy calling up to berate me for the Grandmother smoking pot in the movie. Which had nothing to do with my books. But I was still on the spot! Scary. Worked out okay, but still. Hopefully, no such drama tomorrow. But you never know.)

In other news, I’ve got a couple of new events posted on my appearances page , one local, one not so much. It looks like I’ll also have a third, in Brewster, Mass, but that’s not firm yet. I’ll let you know when it is.

Finally, I have a new goal for summer: to work my way through the entire book of crossword puzzles I bought yesterday by the time school begins. There are over sixty of them, and I did the first one last night and got most of it (although I did peek at the answers towards the very end, as I was stuck stuck stuck). I am determined that this will make me more verbally proficient and intellectual. We shall see. I usually have mixed luck with crosswords—the one in People is way easy, the one in the student paper where I teach, entirely too hard—but these seem to fall right in the middle. Watch my vocabulary grow!


I am such a nerd.

have a good day everyone!