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A few weeks back, I wrote about TiVo suggestions, and how my TiVo seemed convinced that all I wanted to watch was COPS, Lifetime’s Intimate Portrait and the occasional gameshow on Univision. In other words, not exactly the stuff I’d pick on my own. Well. I stand corrected. Because the other day, trolling through what it had taped for me, I found: Beverly Hills, 90210. And not just ANY episode, either: the one when Brenda and Donna come back from France, right after Kelly and Dylan hooked up on the beach (pizza and Sophie B. Hawkins!). The sexual tension! Brenda’s fake French accent in the Rick flashbacks! David Silver doing his Vanilla Ice With Keyboards bit at the beach club end of summer clambake! And, because this was 90210, and Issues were important: Andrea bonding with a deaf child! Brandon dumping his hot girlfriend because she’s a bigot!

Oh, man. It was almost too much for me.

I know it’s going to make me sound even nerdier than I do normally, but Luke Perry, circa 19-whenever this episode was: sa-wooooon! Seriously. I adored him. Still do, kinda. And now that I’ve set up Tivo to take 9er (as I called it, back then) whenever it gets a chance, I can immerse myself in it all over again. Who needs the O.C? (Okay, well, I do. But it won’t be back for awhile, so until then, this will have to suffice.)

In other news, thanks again for all the nice comments about the radio show yesterday. Much appreciated. I think it went well, as I said, and hopefully it will spur some more local interest in the book, never a bad thing. For those who didn’t get to hear it and were wondering what the Crime and Punishment thing was about, it was just someone who called in to question whether reading YA books makes people ill-prepared for “real books,” i.e. the classics. I said I didn’t think so, that I believed all reading is good. So that was that. Interesting discussion all around, though, and being at WUNC is always awesome, as I am a total NPR junkie. Not as exciting as being at the Peach Pit, say, but what would be? Exactly.

Speaking of book stuff, we’ve set up one more appearance in Cape Cod in July, at the Brewster Bookshop in, yes, Brewster. Monday, July 26th, 4pm. This is a great bookshop, with just the nicest people, so I’m really looking forward to it. As far as the questions about where else I’ll be, as soon as I know, you’ll know. I wish I could come everywhere! Maybe next book….

Finally, for those who have been asking about the Quik Zip, and Milton’s Market, and why I use the same places in my books…it’s because I just like the idea of this community, all these stories happening in the same place, or close to the same place. The interconnectedness of my narrators appeals to me, for some reason, plus it’s fun to put in little details that I know hardcore readers will recognize. When I was in college, I wrote a book set in Chapel Hill, and everyone always questioned the details, like would it really take that long to get from downtown to Eastgate, or whatever, so I learned quick having my own little world is much easier. All the places are based on ones that you’d find here, or in any town, I think (i.e. we have the Zip Mart, Remy the Quik Zip, etc). So that’s why. The short answer: because I like it. Done!

Oh, and for the person who was worried I wasn’t making devilled eggs this weekend to celebrate Independence Day: I am. Of course! Goes without saying.

have a good day everyone!