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It’s summer. Everything I watch on TV is either off the air (Sex and the City, Friends) or gone until the fall or later (O.C. doesn’t come back until NOVEMBER?). Luckily, though, I’ve found a new guilty pleasure: Blow Out. Yes, people, it’s a reality show set in a hair salon. But not just any salon: a salon in Beverly Hills, run by the incredibly good looking, incredibly arrogant Jonathan (I’m not sure he has a last name.) Of course it’s horrible, and I shouldn’t watch, but every hour is like being back in a totally gossipy workplace, full of intrigue and backstabbing. And there’s hair, too. What more could you ask for?

My television viewing, however, will be somewhat limited this weekend, and for the rest of the month, by the monster sport event known as The Tour de France. For those of you who know nothing about this, it’s the most famous bike race in the world, Lance Armstrong is going for his sixth title, and it goes on FOREVER. How serious is my husband about the tour? We had to plan our vacation around it, so he wouldn’t miss the big climbing days. (I don’t know what it means either, just work with me here.) We have some neighbors who are just as fanatical, and last year we began this tradition of getting together to watch the coverage of the Tour each day while drinking a bottle of wine from the region where the Tour was taking place that day. Which led to a lot of raucous shouting and pointing at the TV while tossing around incredibly technical jargon which makes no sense whatsover. I just sat there and drank my wine, nodding, while sneaking peeks at my US Weekly. But whatever. I do like Lance, as well as the commentator Bob Roll—who seems like a total nut—so I’ll survive. Maybe, this year, I’ll even be able to follow what’s going on! I won’t get my hopes up, though.

Finally, I just want to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July. To me, this means the summer is half over, and I’ve realized I haven’t been enjoying it nearly enough. I am determined to take this month and really relax, stop worrying so much about so much and just kick back. This is hard for me, believe it or not! I used to be really good at doing nothing, but now it’s more difficult. But I’ve worked enough the first six months of this year, I feel like I’ve spent too much of it cooped up here in front of my computer. I want summer: some long lazy days, tall glasses of iced tea, watermelon, naps under a whirring ceiling fan, fireflies outside my window, orange flavored Push-Ups, devilled eggs, sing alongs with my cousins, frogs chirping all night long, to finally make the perfect potato salad, cool matinees on hot days, and a couple of fun roadtrips. And that’s just a start. So I better get cracking, right? Like, now.

Yeah. I think so.

have a good day everyone!