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Big weekend here in North Carolina (or Cackalack, as we locals like to call it). We’ve been in the news twice: first, because Coach K. from Duke was offered the head coaching job for the Lakers and turned it down. This was a BIG FREAKING DEAL around here, folks, leading the news constantly. People at Duke were losing it. But he decided not to go, a choice which was the top story on ABC News last night. Top story! Basketball! With everything going on in the world! I mean, I’m a big basketball fan, but that’s a bit of a loss of perspective. Isn’t it?

Then, this morning, we’re back again, as John Kerry has picked our Senator, John Edwards for his running mate. This is great news for my home state, a real chance to make an impression so that the rest of the country can start to distinguish us from, say, South Carolina. (The confusion is understandable, I’m the same way about the Dakotas, to be honest.) So exciting.

Meanwhile, a great holiday weekend. Lots of good food, and friends, and more food, and fireworks. Plus I’m reading this really interesting book, Pledged: The Secret Life Of Sororities, which has been really fun to lose myself in. Since I went to, and now teach at, a campus with an active Greek presence, I’ve always been interested in how they actually work, what it’s like to be part of that community (since I didn’t go that route myself as a student). Very compelling reading. I’m enjoying switching between fiction and nonfiction lately, and there’s so much of both that’s good out there. So many books, so little time. Story of my life.

Also on the docket for this week: the continuing saga of The Tour (yes, I’ve watched it every day so far, I am learning so much!) debate over whether to get wireless internet here at the house (is it worth it? really?) and getting psyched up to read at Barnes and Noble at New Hope Commons in Durham on Thursday at 7pm (it’s been awhile, I’m out of practice!). All in all, just another lazy summer week. Sort of.

have a good day everyone!