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Friday. Friday. Friday!

(And it’s even been a short week, but I’m still happy. What’s up with that?)

Exciting night last night: we rescued a dog. On our way to my reading at Barnes and Noble (which was great by the way, thanks to all that came out) Bianca and I are driving down this country road out here near my house when we see this thing standing in the tall grass on the side of the road. At first, I thought it was a deer, but as we got closer, I saw it was a dog, a greyhound to be exact. Bianca and her husband have a greyhound: they are greyhound people, and therefore she knew that you just don’t see greyhounds on the side of the road all that often, they’re not really good all the time outside dogs, and this one looked soooo hot (it was about 95 degrees out) and was standing by a very busy road, panting like crazy. So we pull over, Bianca jumps out, coaxes the dog into my car, and the amazing thing is, she comes. Hops right in, we blast some A/C on her and check her tags, then drive up the road and get her some water. The number on her tag has been disconnected, but there is an address, not too far from where we picked her up. So we drive down this gravel road, past a bunch of doublewides (as Kristy Palmetto would say) some with rebel flags (Welcome to the South!) but none of them have housenumbers. Finally we see this guy, looked about 18, sitting in the front yard of one house. Bianca gets out and asks him if anyone in the neighborhood has a greyhound, that we found one loose, and he raises his eyebrows. Looks terrified. “You found a greyhound?” We say yes. Turns out it’s his mom’s dog, and it’s NOT supposed to be out. So he’s all relieved, shaking Bianca’s hand, taking out the dog, and the last we saw him he was leading it very carefully by the collar down to another house. All was well, in the end. Very exciting, and my brand new car has now finally been dog christened, although, interestingly, not by one of my own. But whatever.

In other news, why is it that, during the year when I was madly writing, teaching and editing and had NO time for movies, there were a ton out I wanted to see, but now that I have loads of leisure time, there’s NOTHING? And don’t tell me to see Spiderman 2, I’m sure it is good, but it’s just not my cup of tea. King Arthur opens today, but all I’ve heard is so-so, and it’s not really my thing. Sleepover looks a little silly, to be honest, which leaves me with…Anchorman, The Legend of Ron Burgundy, which I so want to see—since I’m obsessed with Will Farrell—but I have to wait for my husband to do it, and who knows when that will be. Where are the good chick flicks when you need them? I may go see Super Size Me, which I heard is really good, although somewhat stomach turning. And I did see Fahrenheit 9/11, on my second try (it’s still selling out constantly here) and found it incredibly thought provoking. But on the whole, as far as mindless summer entertainment, I feel this season is coming up short. Or maybe I have too particular tastes? Could be either, I guess. Hmmmm.

Oh, whatever, it’s Friday, it’s summer, who cares. Maybe I’ll just stay in, soak up the A/C, and concoct my own little DVD film festival. Bridget Jones, Love Actually, and maybe, I don’t know, Center Stage. Ahhh. Nice.

have a good day everyone!