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So this morning I was up at 5am with Monkey, my boxer puppy (he’s two, but still all puppy as far as I’m concerned) with his continuing stomach problems. Oy vey. Poor little guy, he already has to take Pepcid AC and now I have to switch his food, I think. All my dogs are always high maintenence. Why is that?

Hmmm. Maybe because I am? No, that CAN’T be it. What can I say, I’m a nervous person, I have nervous dogs. When I have kids they’ll probably be in therapy right out of the womb. So sad.

Moving on to a more cheerful topic: vacation. In about a week, we head off to Massachusetts for a family vacation, sprinkled with a few bookstore appearances. To prepare, I went to the bookstore yesterday, where they had a GREAT sale going on: buy three summer reading paperbacks, get one free. It didn’t apply to all paperbacks, just a selection, but it was a BIG selection, and the book I’d come for—The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime—was one of them. Score! Of course I immediately switched into total indecisive mode when I had to pick the other three. There were some Gossip Girl books, but I knew I’d just zoom through them, and I wanted to read something a big weightier, but still beachy. A tough choice. In the end, I bought Curious Incident, a book called The Quality of Life Report, Sushi for Beginners (continuing my Marian Keyes obsession) and, for my wild card choice (gotta have one!) I got a book called Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons because I liked the title and the first few pages. So that was that. Until I was walking out, and bought Jane Green’s newest, To Have and To Hold, on impulse, like it was a pack of life savers and not a hardback book that cost twenty dollars. I couldn’t help myself. I know, I’m horrible. Whatever. I love books, what can I say?

Now, all I have to do is by the new David Sedaris on CD for the trip up and I’ll be good to go. And in debt royally on my credit card. But it’s for my vacation! No guilt, right? Right?

Right. Sure.

have a good day everyone!