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I had a waitressing dream last night. Seven years since I quit waiting tables, but still, every once in awhile, I have one. In this one I was back at the Burrito, working section three (the one with all the huge tables, really hard) and no one would help me. I was totally in the weeds (as they say) and I ran out of tickets AND got triple seated, and then one table got so mad I was taking so long to get to them that they got up and left in a huff. All I kept thinking, as I ran around trying to write up orders on my hand or napkins, desperate, was, “What happened to my writing career? Why am I back here? What happened?” I woke up all flustered, then looked around, and took a breath, and calmed down. Whew.

I don’t even want to think about what that means. Suffice to say, I’m not stressed. At least I didn’t THINK I was. Now, though, I wonder….

In other news, I’ve been cleaning out some stuff around the house and here’s a news flash: I have a LOT of books. (So surprising, right, since my entry yesterday was all about buying them.) I finally decided it was time to give some of them away, but it’s not an easy process. I love them all! So I told myself I was only keeping books that were 1) really special to me and 2) that I’d read again. Which was still a lot. But I managed to fill up a big box, which I now have to figure out what to do with. I was thinking about doing some sort of social experiment: I’d take the box, make a list of every book in it, then put it up on the main road that leads to my neighborhood with a sign that said FREE BOOKS! TAKE ONE! Then, throughout the day, I’d check in to see what had been taken, what was left, etc. A true way to measure the reading habits of my neighborhood, right? But then I started to think what if someone just swoops up the whole box? What would that mean? (That they were headed to the secondhand bookstore maybe, since I have lot of like-new hardbacks I get to review from the paper?) I mean, it’s just hard to say. But I’m still tempted to do it. What can I say, it’s a slow week….

Finally, I just had to add a note about my husband’s new favorite commercial. It’s the one for Starbucks, where that guy is drinking a double shot and this band (is it Survivor? It must be?) is following him, singing a theme song with his name in it to the tune of “Eye of The Tiger.” You know you’ve heard it: “Glen! Glen! Glen! Glen!” It’s hysterical. My husband cracks up everytime it comes on, even if he’s not even in the room to actually see it. Anyway, I just saw that “Eye of the Tiger” is now in the top 100 downloaded songs on ITunes. Who knew? It’s a comeback!

have a good day everyone!