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I believe in a thing called love.
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I know, it doesn’t entirely make sense to me, either. But I love that song. Don’t you?

Okay, so it’s Friday, and there’s a lot happening. First, I’m having people over tonight (Hi Courtney!) and I need to cook a lasagne. After perusing my recipes it’s come down to this: do I make the more fancy, high maitenance four-cheese and vegetable one, with the white sauce which involves concentrated and careful whisking, or do I just go for your basic turkey lasagne, red sauce, easy peasy? It’s a hard choice. I am always nervous about making a new recipe when we have people over, preferring instead to stick to the tried and true. (Or even better, just focus on appetizers, my true strength, and get a pizza for the main course.) It’s a tough choice. Hmmm.

In other news, I’m having one of those flashback kind of days, when you stop and realize what you were doing exactly a year ago, and that it was big. A year ago today, I was about to fly to New York for the How to Deal premiere. I was a nervous wreck, totally excited, and I just had the best time ever. It was such a great twenty four hours (which it literally was, we only stayed one night, then came right back). I think I’m always going to be one of those people who reminisces entirely too much (it’s part of being a writer, or so I like to tell myself) but today, and this coming Sunday, the 18th, when it will be a year since the movie opened, I think it’s okay to look back and take stock. Last July, everything was so crazy and wonderful and exciting: I literally saw several of my dreams come true right before my eyes, and how often does that happen? Exactly. It seems like a mad blur to me now, in the best possible way, and my current state so totally different. It’s nice to see the trajectory, I guess, of going from something like that to this, a nice peaceful run of days, long lazy summer hours, time to breathe and relax. I would do it all again in a heartbeat, and I really, really hope I get to. But here is nice too, I have to say. It really is.

Okay, sorry to get so deep on you, at 9am no less. That should be illegal. So I’ll just say this, and be gone: Guitar!

have a great day everyone!