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I had a moment of utter panic this morning when, after getting off the treadmill, I started down the stairs and my IPod slipped out of my hands. It was like it was all happening in slow motion: feeling it leave my grip, seeing it launch up into the air, then come crashing down, hit a step, bounce up again, then hit the floor with a SPLAT! sort of noise. (Or maybe not. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic. But whatever.) I ran down the stairs, terrified it was totally cracked, but no. In fact, when it hit, it had turned itself on, and was cheerfully playing a song by Destiny’s Child (Independent Women, in case you were wondering.) I scrolled through a few songs, unable to believe it was in full working order, but it was. Amazing. Thank God! I love my IPod so much, I don’t know what I’d do without it. Yes, it was too expensive, and yes, the battery doesn’t hold a charge as long as it used to, and Yes, my husband’s new Mini is sleeker looking but I love love love mine. I lurrrve it. So I’m so glad it’s okay. Whew!

In other news, my entire weekend was taken up by the Tour de France. Wine, cheese, hanging out with the neighbors, group Lance Armstrong worship. I’m exhausted: thank God we only do this once a year. Today’s a rest day for the riders, and for us, as well. We need it. Or I do, anyway. Not that I’ll be resting much: in a few days we head off on vacation, and I have about a million things I need to do in, oh, the next forty-eight hours or so. But it will all get done. Won’t it?

Finally, a cute little quiz I can’t resist from those folks over at Sarahland:

1. Take five books off your bookshelf.
2. Book #1 — first sentence
3. Book #2 — last sentence on page fifty
4. Book #3 — second sentence on page one hundred
5. Book #4 — next to the last sentence
————- on page one hundred fifty
6. Book #5 — final sentence of the book
7. Make the five sentences into a paragraph.
8. Feel free to “cheat” to make a better paragraph.I did. *BG*
9. Name your sources
10.Post to your blog and/or a community(or several).

When Adam met Eve they were standing in the champagne line at Missy Malcom’s wedding in Southern Pines. Only up here does the earth look round, only up here does the horizon dip at its ends, only up here can you see the bend of the planet at the edges of your peripheries. I wonder, was that what it was like in soul heaven, when your time came to materialize? I ate so much key lime pie I made myself sick. After all, it was New Year’s Eve!

Book number one: Final Vinyl Days, by Jill McCorkle
Book number two: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Dave Eggers
Book number three: The Zygote Chronicles, Suzanne Finnamore
Book number four: Coming Attractions, Fanny Flagg (the book that made me decide, at age ten or so, that I wanted to be a writer)
Book number five: Valley of the Dolls, Jacqueline Suzanne.

Looking over my paragraph, it seems like abstract poetry. Or drunk ramblings. Or something. But still, interesting.

Man, it’s already 9am. I have to get going. Why am I still here?

have a good day everyone!