So I have this new car, right? First new car ever? And what happens on Friday?

(I bet some of you are already guessing.)

Yeah, so someone hit my car. I was in the Food Lion parking lot, having just loaded up my groceries. I back out, mindful of the person who is waiting for my space, and then, just as I’m about to switch into drive, I look to my left and there’s this little blue Beetle coming right at me. Quickly, with no idea I’m there. And then: smash!

It was awful. I pulled back into my space, got out, and walked over to his car. I asked if he was okay (he was) he asked if I was okay (I was, except for my heart beating uncontrollably and my hands shaking). He immediately said it was his fault, that he didn’t see me, and since neither of us was sure whether we should call a cop or not to file a report, I called my insurance company and asked them. Turns out, since we were both backing up, it would be a no-fault accident. Great, right? So we exchange information, and today I have to take my car to a body shop for an estimate.

As I drove home about a half hour after all this happened, still kind of shaken, I realized that the moment this fender bender happened was almost six weeks to the day, to the MINUTE in fact, that I’d driven the car off the lot the day I bought it. Which I guess means I’m only entitled to something pristine for that long, and then something has to happen. Truth be told, though, the dent isn’t that bad, and the damage is all only on one piece of the car, so it shouldn’t be that hard to replace. The cost is another matter. But whatever, it’s just a car, and at least no one was hurt. I have to say, I’d been so worried about getting the car dented or scratched, that now that it’s actually happened it’s kind of a relief. I can at least relax about THAT now. Like a boy I happen to be very fond of says, “I like flaws, I think they make things interesting.” Gotta love that Wes, right?

Good things happened this weekend, as well. I got a Lance Armstrong Foundation LIVESTRONG yellow bracelet, finally. I love it. I’ve put it on and I’m leaving it there until it falls off, whenever that may be. Hopefully this will inspire me to be a better person. Or at least a better driver. We’ll see, I guess…

have a good day everyone!