I just saved the biggest spider I have ever seen. Truly.

It was, as my husband would say, hu-normous. (That’s a hybrid of huge and enormous, for those of you who haven’t had your coffee yet.) I was on my way down the hall and there it was, smack dab in front of the bathroom door. Even worse, it looked like the jumping kind (and if you haven’t had a huge spider jump at you at some point, you don’t know the true meaning of heart palpitations.) This one didn’t jump, just sat there as I approached, warily, then went to get a glass and a piece of paper. Because I don’t kill spiders. Ever. It’s like a rule with me. I also don’t kill crickets, because someone once told me it was bad luck. (I’m very impressionable, as well as superstitious, a bad combination.)

My favorite book when I was little was Be Nice To Spiders, by Margaret Bloy Graham. It’s all about a little boy who gives his pet spider to the zoo because he can’t keep it anymore, and it goes around spinning webs in the cages so that all the animals don’t have mosquitos buzzing at them anymore. The lesson is that spiders are good, and you shouldn’t hurt them, so I don’t. Instead, I get a glass, cover them with it, then slide a piece of paper underneath and take them outside and set them free.

It’s not always easy. Today, my hands were almost shaking as I covered up this GIGANTIC spider, then slipped the paper beneath him. Just because I don’t kill spiders doesn’t mean they don’t give me the creeps. EEEEEEK. But now its outside and I feel better about the world in general. At least until I see the next one.

I’m a big turtle saver, as well, and don’t even get me started about pulling over to pick up stray dogs on the side of the road. (See an entry from about a month ago, with me and Bianca rescuing a dehydrated greyhound and returning it to its trailer park home). However, I’m not all good: I will kill a wasp or hornet if I have to. Although I’ll try the cup trick first. With hands shaking, of course.

Meanwhile, in a totally unrelated note, as I reading over the comments from yesterday’s entry just now something struck me. Someone had written in saying they were starting high school in a week, and how they were scared. Which really struck a chord for me, as my own neurosis about beginning high school, and high school in general, has not been forgotten (see Career Choice). Anyway, I just wanted to say: It’s all gonna be all right. Sure, it’s nerve wracking, going into a new school, starting a new phase, and you’ll surely have your ups and downs. But you also might make friends you will have forever, even if you don’t know it the day you meet them (hi, B!) and in a few weeks everything will have calmed down and you’ll wonder why you were so worried. Really. So just take a deep breath, and be brave. And be yourself. High school is TOUGH, to be sure, but once you’ve survived it you can handle anything. Honest.

Have a good day everyone!