This is a first: I can actually say I know someone who is competing in the Olympics. Who says that creative writing students never amount to anything? (Not me, of course.) My former Intro to Fiction Writing student, Laurie Gerraughty, was the shotput champion at the Olympic Trials last month, and now she’s in Athens. So exciting. If she wins a gold medal, or medals period, I am going to freak out, I swear to God.

Because of the time delay, I’m anticipating the same problem with the Olympics that we had with the tour, which is if you’re not careful, you can hear the results first thing and that takes some of the fun out of watching. But a total media blackout is HARD, especially if you spend time online like I do (oh, who am I kidding, if you spend LOTS of time online, like I do). But I am going to try. In these August doldrums, summer slowly winding down, we need something exciting, right?

Last night, I cooked a huge dinner—shrimp and grits, from-scratch-with-real-corn-baked-in-the-skillet-cornbread, and a salad with advocado and homemade dressing. I completely outdid myself, and you should have seen all the dishes. But it was great, although now I’ll probably make veggie burgers for two weeks. I tend to go in spurts like that, with the cooking: very impressive! followed by well, not so much so. In fact, I think I live my life like that, actually…but maybe I shouldn’t think about that. Yeah, probably not.

After dinner, I watched the DVD I bought yesterday, 13 Going On 30. I saw this in the theatre, but I have to say, I liked it much better on the small screen. It’s such a sweet, cute story and it just worked better for me this time around. And I think I may be in love with Mark Ruffalo. But I probably need to watch it again to see if I sa-woon, and then I’ll be sure.

Look at me, sitting around watching movies and eating shrimp and grits while Laurie goes for the gold. Honestly! But if there was a medal for chick-flick watching (or, God help me, owning) I’d win it. I think I could also medal in shopping, if I really worked hard at it. If my husband was here, he’d add that I was a shoo-in for a medal in whining, but I’m not so sure. Sleeping though: I’d be a true champion. No doubts about that.

have a good day everyone!