Good morning.

Okay, so I think I redeemed myself slightly on the reality TV front last night when, about twelve minutes into Growing Up Gotti, I said, “Enough!” and turned the channel. I just couldn’t watch it. Maybe it was Victoria Gotti’s incredibly long, incredibly creepy blonde hair. Or that she was wearing shorter skirts than my students do. Or maybe the gratuitious ab shots of their landscaper/model. Whatever it was, I’d had enough. Clearly, despite what others might think, I will not watch anything. So there.

Today I’m picking up my car from the body shop, which is very exciting. It will be dent-free, again, and of course I’ll be poorer, but whatever. Now I just have to relax, and not get even more neurotic about something else happening to it. This new car thing is really stressful, I have to tell you. For the past couple of days I’ve been driving around in my old Civic (having finally mastered taking turns without chugging uncontrollably) and there has been something nice about just not worrying about someone denting it, as it already has several. But the tepid A/C and lack of decent audio options have really made me appeciate my car. Hopefully it’s like that scene in the movie of The World According to Garp, when they’re considering buying this house and then, as they’re standing there, a plane flies into it. The realtor is horrified, but Garp is happy. “We’ll take it,” he says, “we’ll be safe here, now.” What are the chances, right? Well….it is a nice thought, at any rate.

Finally, because it made me smile, and it might make you smile, and we all need that, right, I give you Now, I’ve been a bridesmaid several times, and I’ve been lucky in that no one has made me wear anything like the dresses on this site, most of which are so awful they’re funny. Can you imagine matching a bridesmaid’s dress to a Camaro color? Now, even I don’t love my car that much.

have a good day everyone!