Comments! We get comments! We get lots and lots of Comments! Com-ments!

Okay, so I have absolutely nothing to say of any interest today, so I decided to answer a few of the questions that have been posted lately in the comments on previous entries. Here we go:

To the person working on a novel who asked if I have any advice for young writers: Yes. The best thing I can tell you is to believe in your work, and to remember that your opinion of your work is the most important. It IS very helpful to get feedback from other people, though, but you have to find a balance between other’s opinions and what you truly think about your own work. (I am still working on this myself, to be honest.) And finally: don’t stop. Don’t give up. Keep writing, even though the bad days. It’s the only way you learn.

To the person who asked if I was ever a member of Sigma Kappa sorority: No. But you win the award for asking me a question I’ve never been asked before, so good for you. I wasn’t in any sorority in college, other than that of the Burritogirls (Flying Burrito waitresses). Which doesn’t really count. Or maybe, it does. Hmmmm…

To the person who wanted to know when I’ll have another book out: Well, I’m just not sure. I’ve been working on something, but I’m so totally secretive I can’t tell you anything. But when I can, I promise to post it here first. Okay?

And finally, from a few entries back, to the people who wanted to know how long I’ll be teaching at UNC: I don’t know. I’m on a year to year contract, so I’m always crossing my fingers come springtime. But I love Carolina, so hopefully I’ll get to stick around for awhile. We shall see…

And now, I’m off to run errands before it starts raining again. Have a good day everyone!